Pursuant to Kozloduy NPP programme for diversification of fresh nuclear fuel supplies, on 04 February, 2021, the plant signed a contract with Westinghouse Electric Sweden for the development of safety analyses for licensing and implementing of alternative nuclear fuel on Unit 5 operating at a thermal output of 3120 MW. 
The contract signees were Nasko Mihov, CEO of Kozloduy NPP, and Aziz Dag, Vice President and Managing Director of Westinghouse Electric Sweden. The ceremony was attended by the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, the Minister of Energy, Temenuzhka Petkova, the US Ambassador to Bulgaria, H.E. Herro Mustafa, and Sweden's Ambassador to Bulgaria H.E. Katarina Rangnitt.
The preparation of a detailed and comprehensive safety assessment is a prerequisite of the relevant Bulgarian regulations in order to obtain a permit for introduction of an alternative type of fuel assemblies.
Upon the contract completion, the document developed will be submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency for obtaining a permit (licensing) for operating an alternative type of fuel assemblies.
Developing safety analyses is one of the stages of the diversification process identified in the Kozloduy NPP fresh nuclear fuel supplies diversification programme. The programme has been agreed with the EURATOM Supply Agency. The European Energy Security Strategy requires a comprehensive diversified portfolio of nuclear material and services supply within the nuclear fuel cycle for all nuclear power plant operators of the European Union.