Ledenika Recreational Complex

Prices for accommodation and services offered 

Situated in a beautiful, North Western region of Bulgaria, only 16km away from the major town of Vratsa. This modern facility, sitting at 980m above Sea level, is located within mountainous surroundings, consequently, providing a recuperative and relaxing climate, as well as offering seclusion and privacy - an ideal location for those wishing to escape and heal from the many stresses of everyday life. Due to its rugged location, we boast access too many hiking routes, and for the brave-at-heart - the opportunity to enjoy rock-climbing. The beautiful nature park of Vratsa balkan surrounds our facility, presenting stunning and picturesque vistas. Within 5km, by car, bicycle or foot is a striking cultural landmark called, The Ledenika cave, a highly recommended area to visit. Our down-to-earth facility is suitable for a range of events such as, health prevention and rehabilitation, seminars and workshops, personnel training programmes, corporate events, academic symposiums, etc.





Kranevo Holiday Village

Prices for accommodation and services

This recent and custom-made facility, commissioned in 2010, offers many features.  It boasts 12 two-storey villas, an adjacent building accommodating hotel rooms, reception area, lobby bar, and administrative facilities.  This is an attractive holiday style villa-complex, built along the lovely coast of Kranevo, a Black Sea village bordering the major town of Varna.  It is an ideal venue offering a specific comfort - a particularly appropriate destination for those seeking the many climatic benefits offered by a coastal resort.  Situated within easy reach, only 2km from the popular resort of “Albena” this makes it accessible by foot along the beachfront.  Visitors to this imposing new village complex have many facilities and services at their disposal, such as: wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi), a bar (open during the day), terraces – both open and closed, secure parking, but to name a few.

Shiroka Polyana Recreation House

Prices per night at the Shiroka Polyana Holiday House

Located on the banks of the Shiroka Polyana Dam, high up in the Rhodopi Mountains overlooking the scenic town of Batak – this is a calming and tranquil venue to visit.  Situated within the western pocket of this rocky countryside, at a breathtaking elevation of 1500 m above sea level, stands this eight-roomed, three-storey villa. This comfortable dwelling positioned inside a beautifully enchanting pine-tree forest provides lodging for up to 24 people. It is furnished with all the comforts of home, a common dining room, a kitchen, and an office room, which make your stay both pleasurable and satisfying. For those that enjoy the outdoors there are numerous routes for hiking; for the keen angler amongst us it is a popular destination for fishing, catering for both the novice and the expert, alike. You can be confident that with its open and flexible calendar it will endeavour to accommodate even the most discerning of guest.